HIAN is a coined term that combines [HIGH] and [ANEW],
and means “A New High Standard”.
It represents our desire to expand and diversify IP in the entertainment world and create "New, High Standards" that have never been seen before.

LDH JAPAN and TGCK PARTNERS join forces to create a full-fledged entry into the global content market as a group of professionals focused on the strengthening of competitive content with an eye on the overseas market, with Japan and Korea at its core.


Company Name HIAN Inc.
Established Apr.2020
CEO Tetsuo Inoue
Business Activitie 1) Proposing/Planning/Developing/Distributing content such as movies, dramas, musicals, animations, music, games, comics, and videos.
2) Joint development of new content using Korean and Japanese IP.
3) Facilitating global market entry and marketing collaboration for Korean and Japanese companies, content IP, artists, and actors.

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