We aim to expand and diversify our content IP in the world of entertainment, creating a never before seen “New High Standard”.

  • FILM

     Creating world class video content! 

    We produce world class video content, with a Korean production team
    that has a proven track record of producing a number of high-quality video content.


     Creating a movement that garners attention and recognition! 

    Through purchasing and distributing high quality video works from Korea and around the world, we will create a major movement in Japan.


     World class entertainment from Japan and Korea! 

    Japan to Korea! Korea to Japan! And to the world!! We will create synergy from Japanese and Korean entertainment and produce new global stars.


     Deliverling great music from Asia, that will unite world! 

    We will deliver Japan and South Korea’s high quality music content to the world. And from Asia, we will deliver great music which will be loved by people from all over the world.

  • ANIME &

     Expand into diverse businesses with IP at the core! 

    We will develop a "New High standard" of content IP business that consolidates world-class content and expand it to a wide range of businesses including merchandising.