A new member registration and friend referral campaign will be held at the ASTRO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB booth at the ASTRO 2022 Japan concert venue!

The ASTRO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB will be holding a new membership and
friend referral campaign at the ASTRO 2022 JAPAN CONCERT <The 3rd ASTROAD to JAPAN [STARGAZER]>!
Please make sure to take advantage of the special new membership and friend renewal offers!

■New membership enrollment■
Newly enrolled members (=those who make a payment) at the fan club booth at the venue will receive one “Original Flake Sticker Set”, a venue-only membership benefit!

Original Flake Sticker Set

*Image shown is for reference only.
*Limited quantity available. Please note that redemption will end once the stock runs out.

◆Fan Club booth opening time
6/3 (Fri) 13:00~
6/4 (Sat) 12:00~

*The opening time is tentative. Please note that the time may be subject to change depending on the situation.
*Please note that the booth will be closed during the performance..
*The booth will be open for 1 hour after the show. Please note that this may be subject to change depending on the situation. And please note that the booth may end earlier than planned depending on the congestion and quantity of special offers available.

Makuhari Messe Special event tent outside the venue

Enrollment fee ¥1,100 (tax incl.) + Annual membership fee ¥5,500 (tax incl.) + Service charge ¥210 (tax incl.) =¥6,810 (tax incl.)

*Payment method: Credit card only
*If you prefer to pay in cash, please as a staff member. We will provide you with instructions for handwritten enrollment.

■Tour booth exclusive offer!! Friend referral campaign■

Fanclub members who refer a friend to become a new member (must make payment), will also receive an “Original Flake Sticker Set” as a bonus!

【To refer a friend】
1. The existing member must accompany their friend who wishes to newly apply for membership to the Fanclub booth.
2. At checkout, the existing member must present their “MY PAGE” and “ID Card”
3. Both members will receive an “Original Flake Sticker Set” as a bonus present!
*One ASTRO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB member is eligible for the present per one new member.

・Members who can present their “MY PAGE” and an “ID card” to confirm the members name.
・Must be able to come to the booth with the newly enrolling friend.
・Must wait at the booth until the newly enrolling friend completes the enrollment process.

*Please wear a mask at the booth.
*The booth may be temporarily closed or cancelled depending on the venue congestion or other conditions.
*Please check the bonus rewards at the booth. Please note that we can only accept returns or exchanges of defective or missing items at the booth.

【Infection control measures at the ASTRO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB booth】
The following infection control measures will be implemented for the ASTRO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB booth at “The 3rd ASTROAD to JAPAN [STARGAZER]” venue.
We ask all visitors to understand the following measures and cooperate with us in creating a safe and secure booth at the venue, in response to the pandemic.

■Infection control measures implemented in the booth area
・All staff members will be wearing masks and will frequently disinfect their hands and fingers. In addition, splash prevention sheets will be installed in the booths to provide adequate prevention measures.
・Masks will be required to be worn in all areas outside the venue, including the booth waiting line.
・To reduce congestion in the booth area, please make reservations in advance for privilege exchange tickets.
・New members and those wishing to renew their membership do not need queue tickets, but we may temporarily stop accepting applications depending on the situation.
・Hand sanitizing and temperature check will be conducted before entering the booth. We ask for your cooperation.
・We will arrange the booth waiting line and reception desk so that there will be enough distance between visitors.
・Please avoid crowding around the venue and keep a sufficient distance between people.
・To avoid contact with an unspecified number of customers, we will prohibit communication between customers and group gatherings.
・All staff members will be required to take thorough measures against infectious diseases, such as taking good care of their physical condition, wearing masks, disinfecting their hands frequently, and washing their hands.
・To reduce contact between customers and staff, we will use trays for money transfers. We also ask for your cooperation in accepting cashless payments.

■When visiting the booth (requirements)
Please read the following before visiting the booth.
Visitors who fall under any of the following categories will not be allowed entry into the booth.
・Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius (1 degree Celsius above normal  body temperature) or higher.
(Please take your temperature before leaving for the venue. Please note that you will not be allowed to enter the venue if your temperature is confirmed to be 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher when you take your temperature at the venue.)
・Those who have tested positive for COVID, and who have not yet passed 10 days since the day following the onset of symptoms (counting the day of onset as day 0), or who have not yet passed 3 days since symptoms abated, or those who have been instructed by a physician to stay at home.
・Those who have tested positive for COVID and, if asymptomatic, have not yet passed 7 days counting from the date of performance.
・Those who have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID within 7 days from the date of the performance
・Those who have received a doctor’s visit or medication for fever or common cold symptoms within 10 days from the date of the performance.
・Those who have had abnormalities in their sense of smell or taste, cough, runny nose, or fever within 10 days of the performance.
・Those who have family members or close acquaintances who are suspected to be infected within 7 days from the date of the performance.
・Those who have traveled to a country or region where the government has imposed entry restrictions or required a quarantine period within 7 days of the date of the performance, and those who have had intensive contact with residents of such a country or region.
Please note that if you do not follow the precautions and instructions of the staff on the day of the performance, you may not be allowed to enter the booth and redeem your tickets.
We appreciate your cooperation.