“THE ROUNDUP” Trailer and teaser visual release!


Hot-blooded detectives and villains go c on a rampage.

A clash between the strongest vs. the craziest.

Trailer and teaser visuals release!

Japanese theme song “THE ROUNDUP feat. MIYAVI”



The released teaser visual and trailer closes up on the pursuer and pursued, featuring monster detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok), and vicious criminal Kang Hae-sang (Song Sook).
The teaser visual released along with the catchphrase “This detective, the strongest.” and “This villain, the craziest.”, features Ma Seok-do showing his veteran dignity, paired with Kang Hae-sang revealing his strong body and irreverent expression. The highly anticipated visual, foreshadows a head to head battle between Ma Dong-seok and Song Sook, two actors who are the talk of the town!

In the trailer, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE explodes their fighting spirit, singing the Japanese theme song “ROUND UP feat. MIYAVI” written by EXILE SHOKICHI with MIYAVI on guitar, to bring even more heat to the film.
The films intense car action, Ma Seok-do beating any enemy that comes his way, Kang Hae-sang’s killing spree, and the 2 of them going head to head will leave you breathless!

A dangerous and off the wall detective, who beats evil with his bare fists, regardless of whether the opponent is armed or not, and an unpredictable, insane and cold-blooded villain go on a rampage throughout Vietnam and South Korea.

We have also received some comments from THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, EXILE SHOKICHI and MIYAVI, who all participated on the theme song.
The solid storyline and well-honed action sees the strongest vs. the craziest going head to head. Don’t miss the most intense action entertainment ever!

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE Kazuma Kawamura’s comment:
We are honored to have been chosen to sing the Japanese theme song for “The Outlaws THE ROUNDUP” featuring Ma Dong-seok.
I put a lot of energy into recording this song so that the tension, intensity, and heat of the movie can be further enhanced through the song, and so that the audience can further enjoy the movie!
I would also like to go and enjoy the movie myself!

I am happy to announce that I was given the opportunity to write the lyrics for “THE ROUNDUP” the Japanese theme song for “The Outlaws”.
I am very grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Japanese premiere of this blockbuster hit film. I wrote the lyrics with an image in my mind of how the power of the film and the energy of THE RAMPAGE would blend together.
“ROUND UP” was created with the theme of removing the negativity that lurks in our daily lives, and I hope that you will enjoy the lyrics as well.

MIYAVI’s comment:
I played this song with a lot of excitement, imagining the thrilling storyline and the enthusiastic performance of everyone in THE RAMPAGE. Please look forward to the chemistry between the movie and the music!!!!

Theme song details
Track Title: ROUND UP feat. MIYAVI
Composition: Daisuke”DAIS”Miyachi, Yuichi Ohno, MIYAVI
Producer: Daisuke”DAIS”Miyachi
Label: rhythm zone
Official Site: