【ASTRO】MOONBIN & SANHA Limited Edition Bromide’s (Total 8 designs, at random) to be released!

We are pleased to announce that MOONBIN & SANHA’s (ASTRO) Limited Edition Bromide’s (Total 8 designs, at random) will be available for purchase!

It will be available at Lawson Print, a multi-copier service inside Lawson stores, from March 21st (Tuesday).
Some prints will be signed by MOON BIN and YOON SAN-HA at random!
All photos have been newly shot and are full of rare cuts, so please check them out♪

[Product Overview]
Available Locations: Multi Copy Machine at Lawson stores nationwide (How to purchase:
Availability: March 21st, 2023 (Tue) 0:00 ~ May 29th, 2023 (Mon) 23:59
Product Details: MOON BIN 4 Types/ YOON SAN-HA 4 Types (8 Types Total)
Price: 2 Sizes Available – Size L 300 Yen (Tax Incl.) / Size 2L 500 Yen (Tax Incl.)
*MOON BIN and YOON SAN-HA’s autographed prints available at random.
*You will not be able to chose the photo. A photo will be selected from the total 8 at random.
*Please note, that this service may not be available at certain locations.

▶For more details: