Notice of Establishment of HIAN Inc.

LDH JAPAN Inc., a global entertainment company that houses EXILE, J SOUL BROTHERS III among other artists, and TGCK Partners, a Korean venture capital firm specializing in cultural content investment, have joined forces to establish a new company “HIAN”, which will specialize in content IP in the entertainment field, with a focus on the expansion and diversification of content IP as well as the strengthening of content competitiveness in overseas markets including Japan and Korea.

The HIAN enterprise will focus on:

1.Proposing/Planning/Developing/Distributing content such as movies, dramas, musicals, animations, music, games, comics, and videos that will be jointly produced by LDH JAPAN and TGCK Partners.
2.Joint development of new content using Korean and Japanese content IP.
3.Global market entry and marketing collaboration for Korean and Japanese companies, content IP, artists, and actors.

As for specific future initiatives, we will:

1.Distribute “The Roundup”, a sequel to the blockbuster movie “The Outlaws”, which attracted more than 6.8 million viewers in Korea and is currently in production in Korea (to be released simultaneously in Japan and Korea in 2022).
2.Produce a Japanese remake of “The Outlaws”, with Don Lee, A producer and world-renowned actor who was the starring actor of the movie “The Outlaws” and has appeared in MARVEL`s “THE ETERNALS”, joining forces with the original “The Outlaws” producer.
3.Produce Korean and Japanese versions of the action-comedy film “Uncles”, in which 2 rival secret agents work together to rescue a popular idol caught up in a terrorist attack.
4.Create the first Japanese remake in 10 years, of the Czech-originating musical “The Three Musketeers”, which is widely popular in both Japan and Korea.

We will create a “New High Standard” of entertainment for the global market and continue to take on the challenge of creative something never seen before.