Drama “Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu” for which ASTRO sang the theme song, will be broadcast on terrestrial airwaves!

The original drama series ” Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu”, featuring a theme song by ASTRO,
is currently being distributed on Fuji Television’s video distribution service FOD and will be broadcast on terrestrial wave!
The first episode will air on Fuji TV on Tuesday, June 7 at 24:25 midnight, followed by a new episode every Tuesday.

“Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu” is a romantic drama that depicts the protagonist, on the verge of marriage, who is attracted to and conflicted with a man she meets by chance at a construction site. The story unfolds rapidly as the characters family and friends are tossed about by the characters own agendas, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seats…!

ASTRO’s theme song “Ichiban Suki na Hito ni Sayonara wo Iou” is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, LINE MUSIC and other major music distribution services!
Please enjoy the theme song along with the drama♪

▽Listen to “Ichiban Suki na Hito ni Sayonara wo Iou”

“Eroi Kareshi ga Watashi wo Madowasu” (8 Episodes)
■Broadcast: Begins , June 7 at 24:25 midnight (Kanto region local)

#1 Tuesday June 7th @ 24:25~24:55
#2 Tuesday June 14th @ 24:35~25:05
#3 Tuesday June 21st @ 24:25~24:55
#4 Tuesday July 5th @ 24:25~24:55
#5 Tuesday July 12th @ 24:25~24:55
#6 Tuesday July 19th @ 24:25~24:55
#7 Tuesday August 2nd @ 24:35~25:05
#8 Tuesday August 9th @ 24:25~24:55 (*Tentatively)
*Broadcasts for June 28th and July 26th are suspended due to a program conflict.

■Screenplay: Shinji Nojima
■Theme song: ASTRO “Ichiban Suki na Hito ni Sayonara wo Iou”
■Cast: Airi Matsui, Show Kasamatsu, Kousei Yuki, Minori Hagiwara, Rio Kanno, Sayuri Kokusho
■Director: Yusuke Kato
■Produced by: Tsugi Shikanai
■Producer: Yuki Seike /Masayuki Matoba (Fine Entertainment)
■Production Cooperation: Fine Entertainment
■Production Copyright: Fuji Television Network, Inc.
■Official website: